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With specialist knowledge of the islands and the maritime industry we can offer a dedicated and professional service to all vessels when they visit the islands working as the Port Agent.  The following services and others as required are offered to cruise ships, superyachts, and smaller vessels:

  • Inward and Outward Clearance of the Vessel

  • Booking Anchorage 

  • Booking Pilots 

  • Arrange launches to transfer passengers and crew 

  • Ship’s husbandry 

  • Crew changes and repatriation 

  • Arrange tours and activities 

  • Superyacht charter support 

  • Private plane and helicopter charter

  • Attendance of engineers and surveyors to assist with technical difficulties 

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Port Agent


Normally as part of a full condition survey report for a client looking to insure their vessel, we shall put a valuation on the vessel as part of the report.  

Desktop valuations can also be undertaken for prospective Buyers of vessels.  We can also carry out an inspection of a vessel to assess the value and provide guidance to the Seller following the inspection.

Sales & Purchasing


Having worked on both sides of the fence with buying and selling superyachts we understand the process and what needs to be addressed by both the Buyer and Seller.  With a good understanding of the current market we can represent either a Buyer or Seller to help complete a successful sale.    

If you are looking to sell or purchase a vessel then please make contact to see how we can help.  


Unfortunately, incidents do happen.  Condition faults or human error can cause fires, collisions, groundings, pollution, third party damage or there may be reoccurring issues and breakdowns.  It is vital that an adequate investigation is carried out.  Our experience as surveyors and seafarers gives us the necessary background to undertake incident investigations.

Incident Investigation


Something that will never go away is the need to do out of water maintenance.  For small to medium sized vessels a haul out on to the hard is normal whereas larger vessels will need to use either a graving dock or floating dock.  The preparations for this maintenance period are the most important part of the process.  Most commercial ships will be allowed one to two weeks out-of-service each year to do their annual dry docking.  This takes planning to the finest detail then harmonised working with the shipyard and contractors involved.  We understand how to achieve this and can therefore ensure the docking is prepared and managed professionally.  


Dry Docking


If you are looking for delivery crew, relief crew or permanent crew please contact us.  Our Technical Managers and Superintendents have either a Master Mariner or Unlimited Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency.  This allows us to stay in touch with what is happening on board by working on board as a Captain or Chief Engineer.  Our network in the industry can also provide other crew required for superyachts or commercial shipping roles.  



After hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the Caribbean in 2017 we were on-site working alongside salvage teams, yacht charter companies, vessel owners, insurance company representatives and repair facilities. The experience we gained working in this environment gives us confidence we can provide a useful service for anyone that has an interest with a marine asset damaged or lost following a hurricane. 


We have on standby awaiting your instruction an experienced team ready to travel. 

Hurricane Response
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